Orleans Parish Tax Assessors rolls are now open, from July 16 – August 15, 2018. You may appeal your assessment from 7/23-8/20.

  • With with the exception of a few properties that recently sold, we did not see any assessment changes. 
  • We understand that the next city-wide re-assessment is for the 2020 tax year

Why is this Important?
The assessed value is used to determine your tax bill for 2019.

What should you do?
Starting July 16, the tax rolls should be open. You want to check your property values and also be sure that your homestead exemption (and any other exemptions) are correctly applied.

Visit http://www.nolaassessor.com Click on “property records”, accept their disclaimer and then search by address, owner name or tax bill number. The Total Value column shows the assessors fair market value. (Most residential property is assessed at 10% of that Total Value

Important – Make sure the assessor applied the homestead exemption ($7,500). If they list $0, they did not apply the exemption

Need Help? Call us at 504-756-3133, we will be happy to assist!

The assessor has several guides on their site

2018 Tax Assessment Overview

Step by Step

Appealing your assessment

You can visit the assessor in person:

  • Fourth floor of City Hall, 1300 Perdido St.
  • Algiers Courthouse, 225 Morgan St.
  • Temporary site for tax assessment questiosn only at Lakeview Christian Center, 5885 Fleur De Lis Drive, 2nd Floor
  • Last year they opened satellite offices in Lakeview and New Orleans East, so it is likely they will open satellite offices again this year.

You can also appeal online at: https://nolaassessor.modria.com/

If you are a senior, have a handicap, are a disabled veteran or if you applied for a Restoration Tax Abatement, your assessment may be frozen or you may be eligible for a special exemption – double check this.

If you are missing the homestead or another exemption, call the assessor ASAP at (504) 658-1300, but you may have to visit in person

Jefferson Parish Tax rolls are “open” August 20-September 4. To search for property values here. To appeal a Jefferson parish tax assessment, click here.

More information about Louisiana Tax Basics is here: 

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