New flood maps have just been approved for Jefferson Parish. many homeowners will be able to save on their flood insurance premiums.

Tal Saidi of Eustis Insurance shared the following guidelines:

FEMA has sent a list of changes of the flood zone and/or Base Flood Elevations to the insuring carriers they contract with to write flood policies:


·         If your zone changes from an Special Hazard Area (AE, A1-A99, AH, AO) to a Preferred Flood Zone (B,C, or X) your flood policy will be cancelled and rewritten to the Preferred Zone and a refund will be issued. This can take 30-90 days.

·         If your zone does not change but the Base Flood Elevation does change and you are rated with a Flood elevation Certificate, the new rate will apply at renewal unless you contact your agent.

·         If the flood policy has not been rated with a Flood Elevation Certificate, it may be beneficial to purchase one; however, there are no guarantees since the rates are based on what is on the Flood Elevation Certificate. An agent cannot “estimate” since flood coverage is actuarially rated and specific to each home.


Keep in mind that this map change may not affect everyone one positively – Some zones may be changing from a Preferred to a Special Hazard Area and some may have a higher Base Flood Elevation.


I hope this is helpful. Please call/email with any questions!

Thanking you,

Tal Saidi,  CISR, AIS, AINS

Vice President

New Business Supervisor, Personal Lines

Eustis Insurance

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You can find flood maps at:

Jeff Parish Web Site


LSU’s Flood Map Site

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