I get many questions for clients about neighborhood names and boundaries. A recent article in the Times Picayune covers some neighborhood names, and reminded me of what I have found to be the best sources for neighborhood names.

The 73 ‘official’ neighborhood names promulgated by City Planning are sometimes very mysterious to native New Orleanians. While most know where the French Quarter and Garden District are, I know of few people who use the terms West Riverside or Milan.

Tulane geographer Richard Campanella describes some more details of neighborhood names in his 2004 article in New Orleans Magazine, and particularly describes the pros and cons of official neighborhood names.

The Greater New Orleans Data Research Center’s pre-Katrina site has wealth of information. While again based on those 73 official names, if you drill down to individual neighborhoods you will find neighborhood snapshots that provide descriptions of the neighborhood’s character. Obviously somewhat dated now, it does provide some interesting background on the history of the various neighborhoods.

Both New Orleans Historic District Landmark Commission (HDLC) & Preservation Resource Center have descriptions of our historic districts.

My favorite, though, is the Yat Map, where you can find out the neighborhood names used by people who actually live in the neighborhoods, and even add your own name for where you live. (Be patient, that site can take a while to load up)

I also love that map of New Orleans in the feature image, which can be purchased here (not affiliated with me, juist thoughtI’d pass that on!).

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